What changes plants bring in my life

Few year back, I got my first plant. I feel excitement in life. I used to get thrilled to see the new leaves coming out. I still feel the same, no matter the plant have numerous leaves and new leaf is not even noticable. But I love the fact that every single leaf is witnessed by me. And I watch them growing from inches to feet. Few are taller than me now. 😀

They make me full of excitement.

I have someone to take care. I feel responsible. I can’t be forgetful anymore. Somebody’s life is my responsibility. I have to water them timely and take care of their needs. This made of more responsible.

I learned from the plants that if there is no visible growth that doesn’t mean that they are not growing. They are just deepening the roots to be ready for future. To take the load of future we have to make preparation in present. Isn’t it beautiful?🤔

I learn that everyone is just unique. Plants are unique so are we. I was at one stage of my life where I sometimes feel I was legging behind. But no. I learn that just like plants, we all are different. I can’t compare Snakeplant with Areca. Both have their own beauty, their own growth. It’s better to compare ourselves to ourselves only. Present to past for a better future. Be happy and satisfied in your own life.

Plants are not jealous of each other. They are happy together. They know it takes a lot of plants to make a garden. They just don’t stop their growth just because their neighbor plant is 5 feet and they are hanging plant, growing downward.

They groom where they are planted. Silently working towards their growth. If you plant a seed. You know there will be nothing for a week. But silently seeds are growing inside soil. First they prepare and then present. I learn to prepare for anything I am doing in advance. It will give the confidence.

Plants also make me more joyful and happy from inside. I feel relaxed. This help in better relationships around me.

After all a happy person is a blessing around. That’s all for now. Enjoy what you do. Stay happy. Ofcourse keep reading. 😀

Few vegetables you can grow vertically

Do you want to grow your own organic vegetables? Is space your constraint?

Here is a list of vegetables that you can grow vertically.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd

Number one vegetables in the list because of numerous health benefits and very quick to grow. Bottle Gourds have a small cultivation cycle of 45 to 60 days. Bottle Gourd is grown throughout the year. Although the best season is May end and before rainy reason. A good temperature to grow Bottle Gourd is 20 degrees. It like hot and moist climate but it cannot stand frost.

Sponge Gourd

Sponge Gourd

Sponge Gourd is known as Luffa, Gilki or Torai in Hindi. This is also with cultivation cycle of almost 120 days. The vine grows up really fast. This vine also like warm sun. It can be grown in tropical and subtropical areas. This one also can not stand with frost. In India you can grow it in January February after winter end.

Cluster Beans

Cluster Beans

Beans are a wonderful source of protein. There are numerous health benefits of eating beans.

Beans are also very easy to grow. You can even use a 12 to 16″ pot. It will grow vertical without creating much mess. Just keep the soil a little dry. Avoid overwatering. Let the soil dry between watering spells.

You can easily get the seeds from nearby nurseries or horticulture shops. You can easily grow you own organic food.

Happy Gardening!!!

Benefits of Drinking Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is one of the healthiest vegetable but it is always underrated. It consist 92% of water. Its alkaline in nature so curtails the acidity level in your body.

Here is the list of having Bottle Gourd juices

1) Bottle Gourd contains vitamin C, K and calcium. It help us achieve a good cholesterol level in our body to keep our heart healthy.

2) Its juice also help the diabetic patients to stabilize their sugar level and regulate the blood pressure. Have a glass of Bottle Gourd juice in the morning to take maximum benefits.

3) It also help in treating urinary infections. Its alkaline nature will relieve the burning sensation.

4) Bottle Gourd juice keep you fuller for a long time. It keep your body hydrated. And help you loose your extra kilos quickly.

5) Its juice is naturally cool. It help you maintain the good ph level in your body. If you are feel heel ache in the morning, this juice will do magic for you.

6) This juice also help in indigestion problems and ulcers.

How to Make Bottle Gourd Juice

First, peal the gourd.

Then cut it into small pieces.

Blend in mixer grinder or grate it with help of grater.

Sieve it with the help of muslin cloth.

You can add a pinch of rock salt or black salt for taste.

You can also add ginger, mint or lemon as per your taste.

Things to take care

Bottle Gourd juice is not bitter in taste. If it taste bitter, then it may be stale.

Gourd should be fresh and juice also should be extracted fresh. It should not be refregated.

10 Things to take care when shopping for plants

Have you fallen in love with the green tropical look? You want to make them your new family member?

When you have decided to visit the nursery near you, here are few things to keep in mind while buying the plant

  1. First of all have patience. Whenever you visit nursery try to take time. Watch the plant carefully. Examine the leaves and stem. They should be free from any pest and stem should be sturdy and firm.
  2. Choose a healthy plant. There should not be any discolouration in the leaves. Sometimes leaves are yellow or brown. This is because of watering problems. Sometime it becomes difficult for beginners to revive the plant.
  3. Whenever you select the plant, try to select the small one. Although large and tall plants attract us more. But small plant easily adapt the new environment. Not always but still at times large plants don’t do well when there is change in atmosphere.
  4. Try to buy in small quantities initially like 3 to 4 plants at a time particularly when you are new to gardening. This will give you an idea and experience to handle plant and what kind of plant you are looking.
  5. Don’t shift the plant into pot the same day or next day. Let it be in packet given by nursery for few days. This will give the plant to recover from environment shock. The environment in nursery and house is different. First let the plant be adaptable to you house environment.
  6. One of the most important thing, scan your house. Understand the sunlight, which area get what kind of light. For example if you are looking for indoor plant and your house have low light areas, then go for plants that can survive in low light. If it is too sunny then be careful to pick a plant that can tolerate sunlight.
  7. Initially the to go for the plants that are native to your area. They are prone to grow beautifully with less effort. Later on with experience you can try on hard plants also.
  8. Keep the size of the area in your mind for which you are buying plants. So that they look beautiful in arrangement.
  9. Try to understand the soil. What kind of plants you cam grow in that soil.
  10. Before buying ask the nursery manager about watering needs and fertilizing needs. Also ask about the best location to keep the plant like indoor or outdoor, sunlight tolerence. So you can understand the basic requirements of the plant.

These are few things that will enhance the chances of survival of your plant. So what are you waiting for?

Keep planting. Happy gardening!!!

Vegetables for Beginners in Small Garden or Pot

Nothing tastes better than your own grown vegetables. One best thing about being a gardener is that you can have the fruit of your hardwork.

Growing your own vegetables is not only rewarding but also fun. There I am providing you a list of very easy to grow vegetables that you can start with even if you have nit grown a single leaf.



Spinach is one of the simple vegetable to start with. It takes 5 to 7 days to germinate. It is sown throughout the year. September and February are the best months. While sowing the seed keep few inches difference between the line. Water 2 to 3 times a week depending upon the weather.



Tomato is also one of the quick harvest. It can bear fruit in 45 to 60 days when sown from seed. You can buy the seeds or simply cut a tomato into round pieces and place them into few inches deep in soil. It will germinate within a week. Don’t overwater the plants it will hamper the growth. If you are using a pot than use one pot for each plant.



This little herb is used in various dishes and it enhances the taste. Before sowing its seed, most important part is to simply crush them. It will divide the seed into two parts and will help the seed in fast germination. It generally takes 7 to 10 days to germinate. You can use the fresh green leaves to garnish your dish and new leaves will keep growing.



You don’t need anything to grow potatoes. Old patatos develop eyes ( green little part) itself. You just bury it into your garden or pot. New plants will come out soon. If one potato has more than one eye, you can cut it into pieces and plant at few inches difference.

There is nothing better than your home grown vegetables even if they are not sufficient for the whole family still it will give you joy and contentment.

So keep growing and stay happy and healthy.

Hanging House Plants that Require Minimum Care

You can not take your house to green mountains or jungles but ofcourse you can bring that green tropical look to you home. Having plants in home, gives you not only fresh and clean air but also gives you joy.

Hanging plants are very in for home decor. One of the reasons is they save floor space and look excellent. Here is list of few hanging house plants that require minimum care

Maiden Hair Fern

Maiden hair fern

This gorgeous and delicate looking plant can surprise anyone with its hardy nature. It’s small green leaves add instant charm to your living room. All it require is humidity and well drained soil. Mist it few times a week.



It is also known as Arrowhead plant. This plant with different colors gives you option to choose from its green, pink or burgundy color. It thrives for humidity and grow well in indirect sunlight. It can also give you a bushy look or can be a climber depending upon your area and need. You can keep it in bathroom or kitchen.

Tangled Hearts

Tangled Heart

One of the fastest growing and amazing green plant that catches everyone’s attention. This plant is native to Africa. Only thing to take care is not to water much. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. It will prefer well drained soil. Overwatering can rot its shallow roots.

Wandering Jews

Wandering Jews

Also know as Tradescantia this plantbwith purple, white, green and silver line is native to Mexico. This plant enjoys bright indirect sunlight. But this will not survive in low light. If the light will be low, its leaves will start dropping. Also be careful of not overwatering it. You can mist regularly.



Most commonly known as money plant. Its another name is devil’s ivy because it’s almost impossible to kill. It is adaptable to almost all environments and works as great hanging plant with minimum care. Just keep the soil moist. It is easiest to grow and excellent air purifier.

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